Here are 3 major companies that rebranded their logos marking a new approach with the new year

Just the second week in the year 2021 and three of the major companies in their respective fields have already welcomed it with a change in their logos. A new logo provides a fresh and a new approach to the company. Following the same logic, all the three companies have modified their respective logos to start off with a new culture and also a new approach. The three major companies to do so are as follows:

1. Burger King
Finally after 20 years Burger King has changed its logo. It is quite similar to the retro logo which they used in the 1990s. It features “Burger King” in red between two toasty orange buns. Burger King has revealed a new logo for the first time in more than 20 years. It is a retro-influenced which is done to pay homage to the logo which made the franchise famous from 1996 to 1999 and focuses for market the Whopper. The rebranding reflects improvements in the taste, food quality, removal of artificial colours, flavors and preservatives according to the company. In fact, Burger King already changed their social media profile picture—so that makes it super official in our book.

2. Pfizer
According to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, the logo has been changed to mark a new era for the company. Pfizer has revealed a new logo and identity to signal a shift from “commerce to science”. He further added that Pfizer is no longer in the business of just treating diseases but also on curing and preventing them. The new focus on its science and research capabilities inspires the most prominent part of Pfizer’s rebrand: its DNA-themed logo. It has retained a blue colour pallete though its been evolved to a vibrant two-tone plalete. The primary shades are 286 C and Process Cyan, though there’s also a wider palette available for branding.

3. GM Motors
The new logo has been rolled out to bring out a new brand identity as a part of a drive to increase the adoption of electric vehicles. The rebrand swaps out the old logo’s dark blue background with a white lettered uppercase monogram for a light blue lowercase ‘gm’ with a gradient, which sits in a white box outlined by the same light blue. Instead of having an underline on both letters, there’s now a line under just the ‘m’.