Here are some helpful tips to make your online dating profile stand out amongst others

In today’s fast-paced social media times, many people are switching over to the dating apps in search of a companion. But the catch is, not many know how to attract the opponent through various tricks! Creating an online dating profile can be daunting. After all, it’s not always easy to big yourself up without sounding conceited or, even worse, desperate. Don’t you worry, we are here to help you fix this problem. Here are some helpful ways to make a simple yet attractive profile:

1. Creative bio

Not all the dating sites allow you to fill pages about yourself. Apps like Tinder have limited space to write about you so always make sure that it is very vital to have a bio which catches the eye of the opponent and make him/her tempted to chat with you. Creative bio is the first thing that the person notices on such apps that’s why it holds utmost importance.

2. Avoid cliches

Always remember “Cliches are bad icebreakers”. The reason behind it is that they are very generic and vague. By being more specific you are more likely to set your opposite gender. Instead of saying about the places you don’t wish to visit try saying the places you recently visited or plan and wish to visit in the future. Specifications will increase the likelihood of kicking off good conversation!

3. Don’t list the personality traits you want

To make your bio more attractive never put the personalities that you want or don’t want in your partner as it can create a potential negative impression of the reader. For instance, some people like to say smokers should swipe left, or that they want someone of a certain body type. Saying what you want in a partner doesn’t really work in that confined of a space. Instead, of this you can write about how you imagine of spending time together.

4. Focus on your best qualities

Tend more to focus on your biggest passions: how you stay active, your favorite types of movies and TV shows, whether or not you love to cook. Even if you have a nine to five job and you don’t like try writing something you like the most about it and if you don’t wish to talk about it don’t even put it in your profile.

5. Stay grounded in reality

You tend to get ghosted when you tell them about your ideal self but when you meet in real your are not the one who described yourself as. Lies and exaggerations often come back to bite you, Murray says. Also never lie about the plans you have for your future. For instance, if you put in your bio that you like reading, but in reality, you just hope to in the future, leave it out.