Here are some useful DIY tips for maintaining your expensive ‘Leather Shoes’

Imagine you have an enormously beautiful collection of leather shoes in your closet which are highly durable. But ever thought, having this luxurious collection may also require great care and maintainance? If the question just hit you, don’t worry we are here to give you some really unique and easy solutions to preserve them for years!

Step 1: Remove the laces- Run them through the washing machine or replace them if they are really really dirty.

Step 2: Clean loose dirt and debris- To remove any grime that might be stuck on the shoe’s leather surface use a soft cloth or brush. 

Step 3: Apply soap- By dipping a solf cloth into  a solution of warm water and dish soap, wring it out and wipe the exterior surfaces of the shoes.
Step 4: Wipe off soap- Use a second clean, damp cloth to wipe off the soap. Dry with a towel. Warm, soapy water will also remove water stains and scuffs. 
Step 5: Condition leather- Use a leather conditioner to keep the shine intact and prevent stains. You can buy a commercial leather conditioner or make your own by mixing 1 part vinegar to 2 parts linseed oil. Keeping it for a 15 minutes on the leather and then buff it off with a soft cloth till the leather begins to shine.
Step 6: Dry-  Let your shoes and boots dry and unctoched for almost 30 minutes. After this don’t expose it to sunlight or by a heater as it can potentially cause the leather to fade.
Here are some STAINS and remedies on how to remove them from leather shoes:

•Grease or Oil

Take a damp cloth. Before that sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch on the affected spot. Let it be there for few hours or overnight. The soda or starch will absorb the oil. Later, wipe off the powder with a soft cloth.


Dip a cotton swab in nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol and lightly blot the stain. Avoid rubbing as it can make the ink spread very badly. Blot gently until the stain is gone. Wipe with a clean, damp cloth and dry with a towel.


Toothpaste is also a good option for cleaning the sneakers. Squirt a dab of the non-gel sort on the scuffed area. Rub with a soft cloth.
Other Stains
Make a paste by mixing equal proportions of lemon juice and cream of tartar into a paste. Apply this paste on the effected place and let it be for 30 minutes. This mixture has a bleaching effect so use it only for shoes having light colored leather.