Here are Top 5 blissful places to visit in Tamil Nadu

This natural resource-rich state is 11th largest state in the country. The state is abundant in vegetation and has a rich cultural heritage. The land was once ruled by Chera, Chola, Pandya dynasties during 300BC – 300AD. Scroll down to see the top 5 places to visit in the state.


Udagamandalam or Udagai as officially known, this popular hill station is flooded with tourists all around the year regardless of seasonal variation. The town is located in the Nilgris district. This paradise was a prime location for many of the classics Indian movies and is a treat for nature photographers. Take your time to make a visit to the Queen of Hills.


Also known as The Land’s End, this culturally important town is the southernmost point of the Indian mainland. The town is named after the virgin goddess or Kanyakumari. Take out your mobile phone to get a shot of The Vivekanada Memorial statue because that’s something you want to take back. Feel the incessant waves thrashing on the shore with a chai in your hand.


A temple town located in the Madurai District and is also known as ‘Thoonga Nagaram’ which means The city that never sleeps. This is one of the earliest recorded Indian settlement that flourished and prospered by trade and commerce. The Madurai Meenakshi Temple is the poster picture of this tourist destination and rightly so. The architectural beauty of the temple is world-renowned. 


Located in the Dindigul district of Tamil land, this impeccable scenic beauty often feels like a work of an artist. Kodaikanal is often referred to as the princess of hills. Kodaikanal literally means gift of the forest in Tamil and one cannot argue with that if you ever lay your sight on this gorgeous hill station.


This temple city is well renowned for its textile industry. The literal meaning of Kanchipuram in Tamil is the residence of Lord Brahma. This was one of the most prosperous Indian regions during the medieval time with massive progress in fields of spirituality, education, and trade. The hand-woven Kanchipuram silk saree is world-famous and thereby most of the workforce of the town is employed in producing this unique textile.