Here are Top 5 budget friendly projectors that are a perfect fit for your home

In terms of luxury most of the people have a home theatre at their homes. Recently as the theatres and cinemas have yet not started in full fledge, watching movies at home is the thing to do now. But the people who don’t own a home theatre have a misleading about it that its too expensive. But that’s not true for all. These are some the most reasonable yet value for money giving projectors.

1. ViviBright GP80 – ₹6,499
It is a lightweight and small sized projector which is excellent. This is a 40 to 135 inch projector enables you to watch your favourite movies in a very reliving manner and a complete cinematic experience. Owing to its excellent quality lens it enables uninterrupted projection. It also has stereo speakers so you don’t need to connect any external device for sound.

4. Egate i9 HD – ₹7,999
Egate is one the most trusted bran for home theatre projectors. These are designed with light controlled environment to provide accurate images. Not only the Brand & model i9 enters the CLASSIC era but also has the same Robust and Indianized design and now with HD 720 native resolution, better brightness and bigger screen size of 120″. This is specifically designed for those movie lovers who are fond of watching high resolution movies.

3. Everycom ALL NEW x7 – ₹7,999
The Everycom x7 incorporates essential features with Everycom’s Premiere Technology to create a budget friendly cinema Projector. Expand your horizons beyond the TV screen – and create a spectacular cinematic experience in your own home. The value-packed Everycom X7 projector lets you enjoy your favourite entertainment at its best in 2D or 3D (Anaglyph). Made for movie lovers, it’s packed with technology developed for fabulously detailed Full HD images. Generous 1800 lumens brightness ensures that films and TV shows look clear and sharp.

4. Egate I9 Real HD – ₹8,490
Its a leader in the projection industry and gets a vibrant family member the I9 HD. It has better pixels, brighter image which gives best theatre experience and luxury.
Its been upgraded 1280 x 720p HD Resolution ultimately results into crisper and better quality images. With 2400 Lumens and 60 % more brightness , image is clear and bright.

5. Everycom X8 2020 – ₹9,999
Its a fantastic product which provides value for money which has 720p native resolution. The 3200 lumens lamp is very bright and ensures you can see what is projected even with the room lights on. So, you do not need a completely dark room to view and enjoy content. However the best movie experience comes in a dark room but with this projector you need not do it.