Here are Top 5 Indian gaming YouTubers

This is the generation of technology and there is no surprise that people love watching online gaming by professionals. The online gaming has boomed in our country since many years and there are many who do the same. But not everyone is a pro at it. So, below listed are top 5 online Indian gamers who are popular because of their game play, humorous language during the live stream and lots of followers on many platforms.

1. Name: Dynamo Gaming

Subscribers: 8.3M
Channel: Dynamo Gaming
Aditya Sawant more popularly known as Dynamo in the gaming world is the most subscribed Indian live streamer. He plays games like PUBG, GTA, Dota2, BF1,BF3,BF4 and many others. To keep his audience entertained he uploads videos every single day.


2. Name: Carry is Live

Subscribers: 7.25M
Channel: CarryisLive
He was among the first ones to start streaming online games and has now come far away. He in the true sense has transformed online streaming. He plays various games like PUBG, COD, Freefire, Getting Over It, Among us and many more.

3. Name: Mortal

Subscribers: 5.82M
Channel: Mortal
Naman is an enthusiastic gaming YouTuber who represented India in a California based competition of PUBG as a part of team Soul.


4.Name: Beast Boy Shub

Subscribers: 3.86M
Handle: BeastBoyShub
Shubh is a unique gaming YouTuber who makes videos not only of live streaming but also keeps the audience intact with his funny jokes throughout the livestream
His preferred language is Hindi and is a full time Youtuber who uploads videos daily.

5. Name: Hindustani Gamer

Subscribers: 2.99M
Channel: Hindustan Gamer
This hilarious YouTuber is an Indian version of Pewdiepie who while enjoying playing video games entertains his audience with funny Hindi and Urdu commentary.