Here are Top 5 shows to binge watch on the New Year’s Eve

Any cozy night-in requires good shows to watch, and if you want to get in the mood by watching something that fits the theme of the holiday, there are plenty of options out there that are perfect for New Year’s Eve. There’s something for everyone, from musicals to post-apocalyptic thrillers,but let’s be real, most movies about/featuring NYE are romances because this is lowkey a more romantic holiday than Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

This is a swoon-worthy romantic comedy where C.C. Baxter(Jack Lemmon) climbs his way to a job by lending his house to his superiors. Their main purpose to get that house was to cheat on their wives only to know that his crush Fran ( Shirley MacLaine) is also the one who is being cheated. The film ends with new beginnings on New Year’s Eve.

Blake Lively’s immortal character was born on New Year’s Day and makes a habit out of attending NYE parties in a series of fabulous dresses. It’s at one of these parties where she meets Ellis Jones (a dashing Michiel Huisman) and her carefully constructed world begins to unravel as she falls in love with him and has to come to terms with both her past and her future.

When one speaks of fabulous dresses, a pivotal moment in Paul Thomas Anderson’s romance began at New Year’s Eve which took numerous twists and turns.It might seem high brow, but the darkly funny film is a perfect way to pay homage to the mood that was 2020.


The NYE scene in the movie would have been probably been the most worthy meme material provided the memes would have been existed 80 years before. But if we’re all watching Mank on Netflix over Christmas just to figure out what a “Mank” is anyway, we might as well watch Orson Welles’ classic faux biography that Mank is kinda sorta about.

This has been one of the most objected shows, but there’s nothing worth objecting in it. It’s never understood why people object so hard to “Happy Holidays”—even if you do celebrate Christmas, what’s wrong with grouping it together in one cheerful greeting with other holidays like Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve? That’s what the Irving Berlin film does. “White Christmas” may be the big runaway hit single from this film, but there are actually two NYE scenes in this classic Hollywood musical.