Here are Top 5 stimulating pre-workout coffees that will boost up your energy

Every person who is a health freak tends to wake up early for workout or exercise. One must know that even if you get up early for exercising, there is still sleepiness somewhere in the mind. And to throw out the sleepiness away the best way is to have a coffee!A

Scientifically, drinking coffee before a workout increases the athlete’s ability to draw extra energy and put in more efforts. Below given are some of the best coffees to have before a workout:

1. Bullet proof coffee
If you love cream then this recipe is surely for you. For making this coffee you need to have 230-240 ml of freshly brewed coffee along with 1 tbsp coconut oil, gras fed butter and chocolate drink as per your taste and choice. Mix all of them nicely and here you go!

2. Coffee protein smoothie
This is a pre-workout drink as well as a breakfast. For this you need 2 cups of coffee protein, scoop of MCT oil powder, raw honey, 1 tbsp of cocoa powder and then lastly a cup of milk. If you don’t find coffee protein you can use a normal protein drink too. Last step is to blend them all and enjoy your smoothie.

3. Dark chocolate expresso
The next smoothie is for the people who love dark chocolate as well as black coffee.
Take a few honey crystals, half scoop of chocolate protein powder, 230-240 ml of expresso coffee, approx 120ml of water with some ice and dark chocolate in it. Make sure you mix them well and have a great workout.

4. Banana coffee shake
This smoothie which is surely a delight for the taste buds. It includes 1 ripe banana, one third cup of milk, 1 tbsp of cocoa powder, 1 desert spoon of almond butter, dash of vanilla essence and top it with a shot of an expresso. Put it in a blender until everything is mixed finely. Serve and enjoy!

5. Cold brew
If you are a hard-core lovers of strong and authentic coffee flavors then this one is for you. Take approx. 500ml of water and put three-fourth cup of freshly fined coffee in it. Let it be in a Mason jar for atleast 16 hours. After that you can strain it out with a filter and keep it for refrigerating.