Here are Top 5 temples to visit in the ‘Land Of Temples’- Odisha

Odisha is also known as “Land of Temples” as it is one of the only places which have so many of the holy shrine places. The state has around 700 temples within its boundaries. It depicts the beautiful and glorious heritage and architecture. The temples were not just made for worshipping but for social gatherings also, and it is intact till date. So, among the 700 temples these are the most renowned temples there.

1. Sun Temple
It is a UNESCO world heritage site which dates back to the 13th century and is arguably the best temples from hundreds of them in Odisha. It is known for its unique architecture. The structure is covered in ornate carvings, and is dedicated to Surya, the Sun God. Architecture enthusiasts will note that this temple is emblematic of Kalinga dynasty.

2. Lingraaj Temple
The temple dates back to the 11 century and is located in the capital of city Bhubaneshwar. It receives thousands of tourists each day. Each and every detail have been craved with utmost perfection. Travellers to Bhubaneshwar’s largest temple will be greeted with a soaring central tower and expansive complex of 64 shrines.

3. Jagannath Temple
It is one of the main reasons why people travel to Odisha. The temple was created in 12 century devoted to Lord Jagannath. This temple is particularly famous for its Rath Yatra during every summer which has been carried and continued from almost 2000 years.

4. Mukteshwara Temple
Constructed somewhere in 950AD this temple is relatively small in size but it has the same importance as others. Time should be spent admiring its wall as it has beautiful carvings on it right from lotus flowers to frolicking monkeys.

5. Raja Rani Temple
The 11th-century landmark is widely known for its many erotic carvings, which have led to rumours that it was constructed as a pleasure retreat for ancient Oriya rulers. The detailed level of carving also extends to other narrative sculptures as well as numerous spires, which make the structure a certified architectural marvel.