Here is a list of the top 5 electric vehicle startups in India!

Electric vehicles are now creating new trends in this polluted world and many start-ups based on electric vehicles have been developed in India. Here is a list of the top 5 electric vehicles startups in India.

The obsessions with electric vehicles are increasing these days and electric vehicle start-ups are developing on a large scale in recent times. The Prime Minister of India said that startups are the backbone of the Indian economy.

  • Ather Energy

After Energy private limited is an electric vehicle company founded by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain in 2013. The headquarters is situated in Bangalore, Karnataka. The company has manufactured 2 scooters, Ather 450X and Ather 450plus. The new Ather factory has an annual capacity of 1,10,000 scooters and 1,20,000 battery packs. The production output was 40,000 vehicles in 2019.

  • Yulu

Yulu is a technology-driven mobility platform, enabling integrated urban mobility across public and private modes of transport. It was established by Amit Gupta, RK Misra, Hemant Gupta, Naveen Dachuri in 2017 and has its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka. The application of this company is also available with 18,000 single seated bikes and 2.5 million users. The company has raised $ 19.9 million in funding as of February 2021.

  • Tork Motors

Tork Motors is a high-performance electric vehicle and charging infrastructure manufacturing startup company. It was founded by Kapil Shelke in 2009. The company is currently focusing on creating practical electric mobility solutions in India. The company has raised the funding by US$ 66.8k.

  • Euler Motors

Euler Motors is a startup company. The company focuses on sustainable last-mile transportation by accelerating the transition from internal combustion engines to new-age electric vehicles. It was founded by Saurav Kumar in 2018. The headquarters is located in New Delhi. The company has raised a fund of over US$ 9.9 million.

  • Emote Electrics

Emote Electrics is a pioneer in high performance geared electric vehicles in India. The company was established by Pranavin  Singanapalli in 2011. The headquarters is in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The company specialises in electric motorcycles, emobility, performance motorcycles, electric two wheelers, geared electric bikes, high performance EV.

All the electric vehicles based start-ups are developing and their eco friendly nature is an adventage both for the company and consumers.