Here is the answer to your curiosity about how much your favourite soccer player earns weekly.

Like cricket and tennis, soccer also has an enormously crazy fanbase. And it is very substantial that with outstanding players come crazy fans and followers. Some of the very loved and ideal material soccer players are featured in the Forbes 2021 list of highest-paid players of the year. Let’s uncover the best five out of them

Cristiano Ronaldo is extensively followed by millions of people globally on Instagram and he is in the no. 1 position in this category but so on the list of Forbes, Ronaldo is highly paid player of the present time and, without a doubt that love, dedication, and effort makes him one of his kind and will be. With total earnings of $ 125 million per week.


Leo Messi is the incredible forward player of Argentina and you all must have heard the name of him as he is the star player. But eventually, he submitted his position as a forwarding player in club Barcelona year 2021. So, indeed 2021 is not a great year for all of us and especially for the huge fanbase of Messi. But still, it is next to impossible to replace Messi so this makes him the second-highest-paid with $ 110 per week



A player of the Brazilian national team, Ligue and PSG ( Paris Saint-Germain), Neymar is an experienced, central striker, second striker, winger, and sometimes midfielder when needed but broadly he plays forward it is true to say that these qualities of him, make him one of the top three and pay amounting to $95 million per week.


One of the finest, players of PSG, France national team, and Ligue. Mbappe is a born player his professionalism was revealed at a very young that, Atman Airouche, president of the bondy once said about Mbappe when he was a kid:
“He had technique and vision in the game that most children just don’t have. He’s got eyes in the back of his head. He knows how to anticipate where the ball will go. Here, he never played for his proper age group, he always played with older children because there was no point leaving him with kids his age.”
Per week pay of Mbappe is $43 million.


An Egyptian kid who used to consider, Ronaldo, as an idol is now captain of the Egyptian professional football club and one of the most important players of the premium league club, Liverpool predominantly saw as a finisher, driber. Salah recorded his 100th goal on the 12 of September in the premium league goal. And his annual salary is $ 41 million per week.