Here’s A List Of The Best Electronic Gadgets To Own

Are you a gadget freak, wanting to own the best gadgets but are confused about what to choose? Don’t worry, we got you covered. By the end of this article, you’ll know about the best gadgets to own.

SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Speaker

SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Speaker on white background

What if putting on music didn’t have to mean shutting yourself off from the world? Sony’s new Neckband speaker gives your ears a rest and sits on your shoulders, firing your audio towards your ears in a focused beam. There’s a built-in microphone and Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can take calls or listen to music up to 30m away from your computer – no more excusing yourself from a meeting to make a cup of tea.

You also needn’t worry about disturbing your partner or housemates, as Sony claims the upward angle of the full-range speaker optimizes sound for your ears only, though we’d have to test that one for

ourselves to believe it! Weighing only 113g, the neckband is light and comfortable. Take your pick from charcoal grey or pristine white.



The new FLEXOUND Pulse chair brings a whole new sense to your cinema experience: touch. The latest horror movie could literally shake you to your core, while the orchestral opening of the next Marvel film will make the hairs stand up on your neck. Instead of a loudspeaker blaring a film’s audio at you, the Pulse uses speakers built into the chair to deliver sound that you can feel. The system offers all the intense sound you’d expect in a cinema, except now you can also feel frequencies of up to 1,000Hz on your skin.

Currently, the chair concept is only available for cinemas, but it’s ready to be licensed to a furniture manufacturer willing to put their body where the sound is. FLEXOUND even mentions a future with car brands, creating personal ‘sound zones’ for every passenger or making quiet electric vehicles sound like they have eight-cylinder engines.

Symfonisk Picture Frame Wi-Fi Speaker

Symfonisk Picture Frame Wi-Fi Speaker on white background

We’re rather besotted with these unconventional Wi-Fi speakers borne out of a collaboration between Sonos and Ikea. The flat panel speaker is about as thick as a flatscreen TV and can be mounted flush against a wall or stood up on a shelf using the kickstand. Ikea offers interchangeable front panels so you can shake things up when you are tired of its looks.

There are controls on the side but the speakers also work with Sonos’s S2 app, which means you can send music seamlessly to different parts of your home, and access the full range of streaming services that plug into it.