Here’s A List Of The Upcoming Products Of Apple

Apple is the most famous and renowned name in the industry of gadgets. The public usually waits for their products very eagerly. The Apple hardware event is going to happen next month and the public is excited about the launch of different new products. So here is the list of top upcoming products of Apple.

Apple Watch Series 7

Bloom Box mark government revealed that Apple watches series 7 will come with a flatter display and edges. The display would be bigger than the Apple watch series 6. Along with the display the smartwatch series will come with slightly bigger cases as every model is said to be a 1 mm bump than the previous one. The watch would also come with a faster processor. The company is expecting to add a body temperature sensor to it.

iPad mini 6

The upcoming 6th generation iPad mini will feature a surprising design change. They would be a square off edge, slimmer bezels, a single rear camera and a larger power button with touch. The location of the volume buttons would also be different.

MacBook Pro 14 inch

This would bring a new design as well as a new display form factor. There would be a slim display basis and more ports of either Apple M2 cheap or m1x slice of Apple silicone first of it would probably come with 10 core CPU, 16 core GPU, 16GB Ram and 512 GB of storage.

M1x Max Mini

It would launch in the next several months with the new design and silicon processor. There would be additional ports with them also.


We are sure the audiences can’t wait for these products that will be launched by Apple in the upcoming years.