Here’s how too much diet soda can affect your body and brain

When an alternative for the regular soda hit the industry, everyone thought that this was the next best thing since sliced bread. Artificial sweeteners are one of the most serious threats to our health. Latest studies show that artificial sweeteners in diet soda are equally responsible for health problems.

The diest soda was released in 1960 and everyone expected it to be the ultimate health drink. But eventually, it turned out to be as bad as its generic version.

While eating something sweet, your brain sends a signal to stimulate the pancreas to release insulin. This helps to store the sugar molecules in the cell.

So imagine this you drink a diet soda, your brain thinks that there is sugar to store. But in reality, there is not. So the released insulin does not have sugar to store. Hence the conundrum.

When such a situation continues to happen you eventually develop conditions like high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and excessive weight gain. This happens due to a condition called metabolic syndrome, where the body is constantly tricked into believing an intake of sugar.

Recent studies show that diet soda drinkers are at a much health risk than the ones taking regular soda. The study also revealed that people accustomed to diet soda develops serious health conditions like dementia and stroke.

So next time you think of being really health conscious and having a diet coke instead of regular coke, maybe a glass of water is something you should go for!