Here’s why one can continue to use WhatsApp without any hesitation; It is still a safe app to use

After the privacy policy changes on the WhatsApp application there had been many controversies over its privacy issues and how to switch on to other apps like Signal, Hike or Telegram instead of WhatsApp.  Replying over the controversial issues the company clarified its reasons for modification, and stated that this update includes changes related to messaging a business. Hence to burst the myth, here we provide you the reasons on why one can continue using WhatsApp and that why is it still a safe app to use, as per the declarations given by the company itself:

1. The company has clarified that it cannot hear or record your calls and neither can Facebook do so.

2. They don’t keep a log of the people with whom we message or call.

3. WhatsApp also doesn’t share your contact number to Facebook.

4. One can use the feature of disappearing messages without any hesitation of them being traced.

5. Neither Facebook or Whatsapp can have access to your current or shared locations.

6. The privacy of the personal chats or the groups will remain intact.

7. The particular person to whom the account belongs can download their data.