Here’s why Signal is one of the best apps that can replace WhatsApp; Have a look at the Top 5 features

Whatsapp has changed its privacy policies which can potentially encroach the user’s privacy and now people are looking for its alternatives. So far, Telegram and Signal have been known as the best alternative for Whatsapp. However, if you ask us, this article is all about how Signal is all set to replace you WhatsApp with its amazing features and how this app can actually turn out to be the best one if you switch to it.

If you are wondering about the types of features available on Signal, below are some of the features of Whatsapp which Signal already has!

1. Disappearing messages :
WhatsApp has recently launched the facility in which the chats gets disappeared after 7 days of viewing. WhatsApp limits the time period of seven days, whereas Signal caters time from five seconds to a week.

2. Read receipts and typing indicators :
If you like reading the receipts then you won’t miss it much but if you want to turn it off so that the sender cannot know if you read the message or not, Signal has this this facility as well! This app also has typing features which shows when someone is typing.

3. Full group support :
This app is very similar in the way which Whatsapp functions. It also has the feature in which only admins can send messages into the group. So, there is no hesitation about switching to other app like this.

4. Attachments and message forwarding :
Singalong allows you to send attachments along with text messages and doesn’t compress the images which WhatsApp does. Message forwarding is also available on the app.

5. End-to-end encryption :
For all those who don’t know what end-to-end encryption is, it is a privacy feature that allows only the intended person to read your messages and other contents. Signal assures proper safety and is enrolled with this feature.