Historical and Glorious Forts in Maharashtra which are worth visiting

Maharashtra is a state which has a rich history, owned either by the Marathas or the Mughals. And there is no surprise as of why there are so many magnificent forts in the state. Most of the forts here were built Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and his Maratha Empire. They include some stunning forts that stand proudly in the sates. Let’s take a look at some majestic forts in Maharashtra that one must visit:

1. Sinhgad Fort
The fort gets its name from Marathi word Lion and is Located close to the city of Pune. Sinhagad Fort is believed to have been conquered by Tanaji Malusare’s brother from the Mughals. There are some stables visible too on the route and this is possibly a place where the Marathas kept their horses. A memorial of Tanhaji Malusare has been made who was martyed in the process of capturing the fort. Inside the ruins of the fort also lies the tomb of Rajaram Chhatrapati and a small temple dedicated to Goddess Kaali.

2. Rajgad Fort
The Rajgad Fort, Pune, was built on the Murumbadevi Dongar Hills in the Sahyadris range. It was the first capital of Shivaji Maharaj and is also believed to be the place where Shivaji’s wife, Saibai, spent her last few days. Inside the Rajgad fort lie the ruins of palaces, caves and a few water cisterns. The Rajgad Fort near Pune is a popular trekking spot for locals and tourists who throng the place in the monsoon. From the top of the Rajgad Fort, one can see landscape views of the gorgeous Sahyadris.

3. Pratapgad At a height of 1,080 meters the true meaning of its name is “Fort of valour”. This fort played significant role in the battle of Pratapgad. The fort boasts four lakes within the complex and also have some of the most mesmerizing views from the topThe watchtower located beside the main entrance or the Maha Darwaja, gives mesmerizing views of the surrounding sheer cliffs that drop to 250 meters below!

4. Sindhudurg Fort Located near the coastal town of Malvan, this is one of the most famous sea forts in Maharashtra. Sindhudurg Fort was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to protect his shores from foreign invaders. Spread over 48 acres with walls that stand up to 30 feet high, this impressive fort provides breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea. 

5. Rajmachi Fort Located in the Western Ghats, not far from Mumbai and Pune, Rajmachi is famous for its two fortresses and the spectacular views afforded to those who take the trek up this plateau-top fort. It was once used to protect an important trade route during Maratha rule.