Hollywood actress Anne Hathway turns 38, check out her top 5 movies

Anne Hathway is a popular American actress and the winner of the Golden Globe and Emmy awards. She has given many amazing movies to the film industries and she’s turning 38 today, let’s check out some of her feel good movies you’ll watch at least once.

• Princess Diaries

It’s a rom-com drama movie starring Anne Hathway. In the movie, Mia (Anne) is an ordinary girl and her life turns upside down when she finds out that she’s from a royal heritage and is a princess of Genovia.

• The Intern

It’s a real gem by Anne Hathway, she’s portraying a young businesswoman, Jules, who owns an online fashion website. She hires an intern, who’s not a usual intern (students) but a widower and a retired grown man, Ben Whittaker who’s finding a reason to live after the death of his loving wife. The movie teaches a lot about life and a little about love also.

• The devil wears Prada

This is another gem starring Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. Miranda is a mean and ruthless boss, an editor of the city’s biggest magazine. Andrea Sachs who’s an aspiring journalist takes up a job as her assistant. Miranda teaches Andrea a lot about the world and life in a meaningful way.

• Bride wars

2 best friends Emma Allan (Anne Hathway) and Liv Lerner (Kate Hudson) makes plan together for their big wedding day but unfortunately, turn into enemies and gets into a competition of who’ll get married first.

• Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland 2010 movie, about Alice who follows a rabbit and with him she’s transported to Wonderland, a land from her dreams. In this movie, Anne Hathway played the role of White Queen as Mirana of Marmoreal who’s the actual ruler of the dreamland.