House of Secrets:The Burari Deaths, releasing on 8th October only on Netflix!

Netflix has released its new shows trailer today. It’s a documentary series of House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths. Chilling truths and theories of the death of 11 family members.
It is based on the shocking case of the death of 11 members of the Chundawat family from Delhi. The family included Narayani Devi, 77, Bhavnesh, 50 his wife Savita and daughters Nitu, 25 and Monu 23 and son Dhruv, 15.
Lalit, 45 his wife Teena, 42 and only son Shivam, 15. Daughter of Narayani Devi Pratibha Bhatia (Chundawat), 57 and her daughter Priyanka, 33. Bhavnesh’s elder son had left home 3 years prior and so was spared. 10 bodies were found hanging from a mesh in the ceilings on the morning of 1 July 2018.
Narayani Devi was found dead in another room, she was strangled to death.
This case was full of shocks, horror and secrets. In the trailer of the upcoming documentary, a crime reporter says that even it is said that crime reporters and police have no emotion but this case jolted them.
Suicide, Murder or Something else? What are the Secrets of this shocking tragedy? Find out on Netflix, releasing on 8 October.