“How Not To Make Money” Writer Inspired By The Book’s Characters?

The Bombay High Court on Wednesday granted interim protection from arrest to businessman Raj Kundra who is currently in news for his involvement in pornography whose next hearing is scheduled for 25th August. Elite businessman Raj Kundra has been in the news for a while for his involvement in making pornography. The investigating officers stated that making pornography films helped him rise economically. In fact, this became a major source of income for Kundra, but what completely contradicts this is Raj Kundra himself wrote a novel titled “How Not To Make Money”. It is the title of the book which is grabbing a lot of eyeballs and speculation since it is confirmed by the officials that pornography helped Kundra make ample money.

Kundra wrote this novel back in 2013 which primarily revolves around two characters, Jai and Mike who in order to become rich have encounters with fraud investigators, and another character Pam, a mysterious enchantress who vows them with articles of materialistic pleasure. His book states in order to become a big name in the society, one has to take risk. The male characters in the novel are ready to give up everything they ever had. Well, it seems Kundra is following the steps of the characters from his debut novel as his actions resemble his characters. To prosper more, the businessman was allegedly involved in making of pornography risking his reputation, his established business, family, children, and wife. It has been a tough time for the Kundra family since Raj Kundra’s arrest.