Hrithik Roshan shares an inspiring message and video of his mom working out at the age of 68

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan shared videos of his mom working out on his Instagram and thanked his mother’s Instagram family for supporting her.

The most handsome Hrithik Roshan is one of the top Bollywood actors, shared a series of videos of his mom’s workout session with a long message as a caption to the post he shared and inspired all the parents out there in his Instagram family. Hrithik once said that it was his mom Pinkie Roshan who inspired him to become an actor. He believes that his mom is his strength and inspiration.

Hrithik shared six videos of his mother working out. In the first tape, Pinkie Roshan climbs the wall and asks the count, she does the same in the next two tapes, in the next two tapes she works out by pulling the rope, and in the last video, she does jumping jacks which is a very difficult exercise. Pinkie Roshan is none other than the daughter of Jay Om Prakash a top Bollywood producer and director. She is 68 years old and so energetic, her workout videos are inspiring.

“To see her giving her all to fitness and wellness at the age of 68 gives me hope that we all can continue to get better no matter what the age. A big big salute to all of you out there for supporting and sharing this relentless, joyful passion with my mom. I know she has bad days, we all do, and time and again I have seen how hard it is for her to get into the gym and get started. But she does it because of the sense of the community she has started feeling with all of you supporting her on Insta. So this really is a thank you post for all of you helping my mom get stronger. I wish and pray that everyone out there who is pushing themselves to get better has that support from friends and family. I wish you all a beautiful day❤”- said Hrithik as the caption to his post.

He also said- “My mom started working out at 58. Just thought I who add that fact for other parents who feel it’s too late for them. It’s NEVER too late. Do it for your kids. They will love you for it.” And tagged his mother to the post.

Being healthy and working for it, is very hard for some people out there, Hrithik’s post was to inspire them and to be an inspiration for their kids.