Hwasa & Loco Release Adorable MV For Collab Song ‘Somebody!’

Hwasa and Loco’s anticipated collab is finally here! On July 25, the MAMAMOO member and rapper Loco released their second collaborative effort, in the form of the single album ‘Somebody’, along with a music video for the title track ‘Somebody!’. The collaboration was first announced on July 15, revealing that new music will be dropping on July 25.

‘Somebody!’ combines attractive guitar riffs with a funky rhythm to produce a pleasant and refreshing song. Hwasa’s unique vocals and Loco’s melodic rapping styles come together in this impressive track, which shares a message of melting ice-cold days with the warmth of love.

The music video brings together the unique sets and elements previewed through the previously released teasers, complete with the massive burger, the sticker with the message saying ‘I wish you’, and more. Hwasa and Loco, meanwhile, are a delight to watch, with their interactions in the music video instantly putting a smile on the viewer’s face.

Check out the adorable music video for Hwasa and Loco’s ‘Somebody!’ below:

Alongside ‘Somebody!’, the digital single also includes a B-side track titled ‘Lemon’. This song takes on a more minimalist approach, and the heavy beat is layered with the lyrics that both the artists participated in.

Leading up to the release today, Hwasa and Loco had shared multiple updates, including three music video teasers, two teaser photos, a spoiler video, and more. Previously, Hwasa and Loco had worked together on a song called ‘Don’t’, during their time participating in the show ‘Hyena on the Keyboard’. Following the release of ‘Don’t’, the digital single ‘Somebody’ is the two artists’ second collaborative effort, after about four years and three months.