Hyundai’s EV project to feature the exciting new Apple car initiative

There is a constant buzz around the news of technology giant Apple coming up with a new program to build a brand new electric-based car. Reuters reporters Hyunjoo and Stephen Nellis have been following the lead for quite some time and they recently reported that the talk between Apple and Hyundai is progressing but no conclusive deal has been struck.

A Hyundai insider however, said that Apple prefers to proceed with KIA motors rather than Hyundai automobiles for this new project.

Insiders from both companies believe that it is weird for an automobile company to partner with a technology company like Apple to build a car.

Apple may not think of this as a great opportunity as it doesn’t need a luxury brand like Mercedes or Porche to design the car, rather they just need a company with the experience to manufacture the car that they already designed. It makes sense from that point of view.