I could feel it Coming: the Collapse of Auctioneer Edmeades During the IPL Super Sale

Hugh Edmeades, the auctioneer who passed out on stage during the 2022 IPL Mega Public Auction, is scheduled to attend the IPL Mini Public Auction in Kochi on Friday, the Indian Premier League announced through Twitter.
Hugh Edmeades discusses what happened on that day in Bengaluru in the article titled “Hugh Edmeades is READY – ARE YOU?”. “My fall arrived in Bengaluru entirely out of the blue. I have participated in 2,700 auctions, and I have never once left the stage. Now that I’m sure, there was no recurrence. I think I was just physically unprepared back then. Not getting enough meals and sleep. My guess is that I just ran out of gas.

When I believed I would have a break after selling Hasaranga, I felt it starting, but next, I was being lifted up off the floor. That was a surprise. I am in excellent shape, touch wood,” he added in the video.

After Edmeades passed away, veteran analyst and presenter Charu Sharma took control of the auction for the remainder of Day 1 until Edmeades returned at the very end of Day 2 to complete the sale of the remaining players.