Increase your physical activity to keep down COVID-19 induced depression

Pandemic has brought in a considerable amount of changes to our lifestyle. There has been a lot of studies made on how these affect our mental health.  A multi-institutional (Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, University of California, San Diego) study recently revealed that a survey conducted on the students showed that the case of clinical depression has increased by two-fold when compared to pre-covid times.

There is an alarming rise in the rate of anxiety and depression among young adults, especially among college students, The pandemic has exacerbated the mental health crisis in this vulnerable population.

Silvia Saccardo, assistant professor in the Department of Social and Decision Sciences at CMU 

India is a major country that deals with mental health, the expenditure on treatment over the year has not helped to improve this condition either. The situation under pandemic has aggravated this exponentially.

People are now more reliant on their technology, mainly mobile phones to get comfort from the strict lockdown. In this process, they end up giving up all the physical activity they engaged earlier.

The study shows that changes in our physical activity like irregular sleep and eating patterns have emerged as the leading factor for the increase in clinical depression. In contrast, people who still maintain some form of daily physical activity were reported to be lesser at risk of having clinical depression.

The results are generalizable to the young adult population, a highly exposed group which has exhibited rising depression rates over the last decades and was dramatically exposed to the disruptions caused by the current epidemic.

Giuntella, assistant professor of economics at Pitt.