India testing Google Task Mate, earn money doing simple tasks on the phone

India is now in the rounds of testing Google Tasks Mate. Post the testing, the users of the app can just do simple tasks on their phones and earn money on regular basis. Task Mate will give access to different tasks, shared by businesses across the world. Such tasks will cover a variety like a restaurant photography, participating in surveys, or translating sentences from English to other languages. Currently, in beta, the app is going to be accessible to a selected tester via a referral code system.

The payment will be done to the users in local currency for the tasks done by them. The app testing was observed by a Reddit user. While the app is accessible to install on Google Play, the app can only be used with a referral code. The code you can get with the invite link.

There are basically three steps to using Task Mate, as mentioned in the app description on Google Play: ‘find tasks nearby, complete a task to begin earning, and cash out your earnings’.

There are generally 2 types of tasks: Sitting or Field Google can also directly ask for a task as well. On the app, you can see the number of tasks completed, correctly done, your level, and the tasks under review.

As far as payment is concerned, the user has to link an account with a third-party processor. When you’re ready to cash out the money earned through tasks, you can register your e-wallet or account details with the payment partner in the Task Mate app, visit your profile page, and click on cash out. After this, you’ll be able to withdraw the money in your local currency, as per the app description. It is not clear when Task Mate will be available for more users to try out.