Indian Hotel Scams: Spotting and Avoiding Fake Customer Care Numbers on Google

Scammers are using fake customer care numbers on Google to target users looking for assistance with their hotel bookings in India. The scammers post fake numbers on Google search results for popular Indian hotels, leading unsuspecting users to believe they are calling the hotel’s official customer care line.

Once the user calls the fake number, the scammers pretend to be hotel representatives and ask for personal and financial information, including credit card details. They may also request payment for supposed “upgrades” or other services.

In some cases, the scammers may also install malware on the user’s device or direct them to a phishing website where they can steal even more sensitive information.

The scam has become increasingly prevalent in recent months, with many users falling victim to the fake numbers posted on Google. Hotel industry insiders have expressed concern about the impact of the scam on their reputation and the safety of their customers.

Google has acknowledged the issue and has pledged to take action to address it. In a statement, the company said that it is working to identify and remove fake numbers from its search results and is also exploring ways to prevent scammers from posting them in the first place.

In the meantime, experts advise users to be cautious when calling customer care numbers found through Google search results. They recommend double-checking the number with the hotel’s official website or contacting the hotel directly to verify the authenticity of the number before making a call.

By taking these precautions, users can protect themselves from falling victim to scammers and ensure that their personal and financial information remains secure.