India’s first ever therapeutic housing project: T&T’s Eutopia

Over the years, India has seen a significant spike in the health and wellness sector. People are getting more aware of their body, how it works and the fact that Health is Wealth. The year of 2020, the worldwide lockdown because of COVID-19 played a massive role for people to acknowledge how important their health is and in how many ways we overlook the facts.

The T&T Group introduced digital living in India with the T-Homes programme, the first in India. Now, the group is introducing India’s first-ever urban therapeutic housing society in the Delhi-NCR region. This therapeutic housing project is named, Eutopia and the aim behind this initiative is ongoing health concerns in the cities, especially the Delhi-NCR region where people are stressed with the city life, extreme pollution, their extremely weary lifestyle and how it affects them physically and mentally.

The T&T Group claims that Eutopia will have all the wellness facilities to keep the stress away, which India hasn’t had before. The society will be equipped with therapeutic amenities like mud therapy, hot stone therapy, aromatherapy and even the Ayurvedic Panchakarma. Although the therapeutic facilities are one of the major highlights, not the only one, as the aim is no-stress living, the T&T Group also introduced A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) living for hassle-free, convenient and private living. The Eutopia societies will be covered with thousands of plants which boosts immunity, underground parking space, ensuring no-noise atmosphere and unpolluted and clean environment.

This T&T’s Eutopia is a luxury housing project circling wellness living as a luxury to the people.