Inflation in Spain has reached 9.8%, the highest level in 37 years. The following is a list of countries that are experiencing severe inflation.

Spain, which is located on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula and is separated into 17 autonomous regions and is known for its culture, has recently experienced significant increases in its inflation rates, with 9.8% being the highest in 37 years.

The rate at which a country’s overall prices for goods and services rise is known as inflation. Inflation is tied to supply and demand economic concepts, and depending on the context and pace of change, it can be seen positively or negatively.

Some countries are unable to sustain a stable local currency for a variety of reasons, ranging from political mismanagement to civil unrest to economic sanctions. High rates of inflation, and in some circumstances, hyperinflation, are associated to these “problematic currencies.”


The following is a list of the countries with the highest inflation rates:
1) Venezuela is first on the list, with an inflation rate of 1198.0 percent,
2)Sudan is next, with a 340.0 percent inflation rate,
3)Lebanon came in third place with 201.0 percent,
4)Syria, with 139.0 percent of inflation,
5) Suriname, at 5th  with 63.3 percent,
6)Zimbabwe (60.7%),
7) Followed by Argentina (51.2%),
8)Turkey has a 36.1 percent of inflation,
9)Iran has a 35.2 percent of inflation and
10) Lastly, Ethiopia has a 33.0% of inflation