Innovation Summit changing way of life

Start-up is the buzzword in the technology sector. 2021 has opened many doors for opportunities where start-ups can score big time. Businesses across diverse industries seem to be booming after the pandemic. As a large part of the daily routines and office, works have moved to online mode due to lockdown in 2020, digital solutions are gaining momentum in the coronavirus inoculation year. India is making a significant place as the powerhouse of emerging start-ups. Modern technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, 5G, and the Internet of Things contribute to the sudden increase in the number of start-ups.

 Start-ups in India 


Founded in 2015. Established in New Delhi. Flyrobe is India’s first and largest online fashion rental service. Indian weddings are big fat festivals. Starting from dresses to accessories and make-up, everything is expensive and glittery at weddings in India. But all Indians are not into shopping their wedding wardrobes by paying a hefty sum just to wear it for a day. Henceforth, the emerging trend like ‘rent it’ is streamlining in the country. Flyrobe is one such start-up that lets people select dresses through an online platform and delivers them to their doorstep for rental service. As of 2019, the start-up claimed that it has facilitated the largest marketplace for customer-to-customer renting with more than 1,800 curators onboard.


Founded in 2016, Bloodman App was created with the sole purpose of bridging the gap between donors and seekers. The start-up connects people who are in immense need of blood with those who are willing to donate it. Bloodman as a solution is a mobile app platform where patients can instantly call out for help and donors can respond immediately. It is life-line networking, a location-based app that connects nearby volunteers to blood donation seekers.


Founded in 2015, headquarters are in Bengaluru. Ninjacart is India’s largest fresh produce supply chain company that is solving one of the toughest problems in the world through technology. The start-up connects producers like farmers, manufacturers, and brands using in-house applications that drive end-to-end operations.


Founded in 2016, headquarters in Bengaluru. MyGate is building technology to simplify check-ins everywhere. The start-up facilitates over 2 million check-in requests every day at thousands of gated premises across 20+ cities which it operates and continues to show rapid growth. MyGate is also working on a product that will benefit occupants, management, and other stakeholders of the gated premises.


Founded in 2016

SatSure is one of the most innovative start-ups that use deep technology and satellite communication to establish a knowledge database that assists with issues involving ground-level problems for large enterprise operations in the banking and insurance industry.

cure. fit

Founded in 2016, Bengaluru. Cure. fit is a health and fitness company offering digital and offline experiences across fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being. The start-up makes group workouts fun, daily food is healthy and tasty, mental fitness easy with yoga and meditation, and medical and lifestyle care hassle-free.


Founded in 2008, headquarters- Mumbai. Dream11 is a fantasy sports platform that allows users to play fantasy cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi, and basketball in a mobile application. It is an online game where users create a virtual team of real-life players and earn points based on the performance of these players in real matches.


Founded in 2014, headquarters in New Delhi. IndiaLends is a financial technology start-up that aims to make financial products affordable and easily accessible to laymen. It is an online platform that provides customers with financial products and services such as personal loans, unsecured loans, installment loans, and credit cards. The start-up connects borrowers with lenders to help them get the best possible deal.


Founded in 2012, headquarters in Bengaluru. Flutura is an AI platform company focused on improving two core business objects namely ‘asset uptime’ and ‘operational efficiency.’ The start-up works with Cerebra, Flutura’s AI platform tuned for IIoT in oil & gas, specialty chemicals, and heavy machinery manufacturing industries, powering connected assets and connected operations use cases.


Headquarters in Uttar Pradesh. Eduard is a children’s books arm of the parent group of Agrawal Publications group. Using the latest design and content trends through its R&D office in London, EduCart has built a catalog of high-quality children’s books from Nursery to class 10th that are sold pan-India.

The Ahmedabad-based startup, Tienet Infocom Private Ltd, was among the four winners of HDFC Bank’s Digital Innovation Summit, on Wednesday.