Instagram and Facebook to Face Blackout on Diwali Eve

It seems that Facebook and Instagram DMs were facing Some outage Wednesday night.

It was reported earlier today that Meta’s apps have been down worldwide due to outages on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

On Wednesday Night, Instagram and Facebook went down for some users while it was okay for others. This outage was again on a global level, including Mexico, Australia and India as well. 

Earlier in October, last month, there was the longest outage of the company due to which the entire suite of apps and services of the company, including Whatsapp went down. It’s the second time in just a period of a month that the apps are facing breakdown. Frustrated users are left wondering if Instagram DMs still work, thus people started showing their rage on other micro-blogging websites like Twitter, where the posts got bombarded with #instagramdown.  

Reports by DownDetector suggest that the breakdown went on from 12am IST, where the apps were working quite finely for the users but some of them faced issues with messaging, last seen and active status.

Recently , Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg rebranded the company name and Logo with Meta in the last month, and notably it is the first such breakdown after rebranding. The social media giant has still not acknowledged the issue. 

Currently, users can veer the issue on Instagram and Facebook by using the desktop sites which still appear to be working, however, Messenger is down on both the app and desktop as well.