iOS 14.5 update – You can now unlock your iPhone with a mask on

Wearing a mask has become a global order under the present condition and unlocking your phone using face unlock can be a tricky affair. Most of the time you have to resort back to a traditional passcode for unlocking, which is so outdated and to be honest irritating nowadays.

It is rumored that the new iOS 14.5 will include a new feature that will enable the user to unlock his/her phone with a mask on. As per the reports of Joana Stern, Wallstreet Journal, users who have an Apple watch can utilize the new feature. For this, you need to update your Apple watch to the 7.4 version when it is available.

The new update will also reportedly include an update that makes the iPhone and iPad compactable to Xbox and PlayStation controller. The dual sim 5G functionality and improvements for Siri are the other updates anticipated.