Iranian Chess Player Warned Against Returning After Competing Without a Hijab: Report

Sara Khadem, an Iranian chess player who recently participated in a competition without wearing a headscarf, reportedly received a warning not to go back to her nation. Khadem arrived in Spain on Tuesday after receiving several threats to not go back to Iran, according to reports about her and her family. According to reports, Khadem, who is presently in protective custody, will go to Spain.

Iran’s foreign ministry has not yet made a statement on the subject. The Western Asian nation has been shaken by the anti-Hijab demonstrations for months. The Iranian government is alleged to have responded to the protests by kidnapping, imprisoning, and even killing dissidents. She was listed as a contestant in both the Rapid and Blitz events at the tournament that was held from December 25 to December 30. Last week, the 25-year-old chess player participated in the FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships in Almaty without wearing a hijab. Women must adhere to legislation requiring them to don the Islamic head covering known as the hijab in Iran.