Is Apple working on a self-driving car?

This multinational technology company hardly requires any introduction. One of the greatest tech revolutions ever in the form of compatible mobile phones was started by this great company under Steve Jobs back in 2007.

Since then the company has ventured into multiple forms of the tech industry – Consumer electronics, computer service, and online software to name a few.

Recently there have been heavy rumors that Apple Inc is stepping into the automobile industry with a new autonomous car for consumers. There hasn’t been an official confirmation from the company but it is believed in a hidden lab SG5, Sunnyvale a project under the name – Titan may eventually yield an apple car. 

Initial reports suggested that Apple Inc is planning to build an automobile market share but further reports suggested that a single autonomous car is what Apple is looking for.

The design team of Project Titan over the year has been reported to tie up with some of the existing market players like BMW and recently to Hyundai (which the company denied).

Earlier last year a German outlet reported about a secret 15-20 team of top automobile industry experts from Germany working on a project in a secret lab in Berlin, Germany. The news picked up a lot of attention but then no proper follow-up was done.

Under the current scenario confirmation on a release date is hard to predict, we even don’t know if Apple is really into making a futuristic car. Some of the things that we can speculate are about the design – we could be almost sure about the self-driving capability of a future Apple car as there have been some tests done by the organization on the public traffic.

Back in 2015 Apple even got an Autonomous Vehicle Driving permit from state DMV, which most of the leading market players failed to get. 

In 2009 apple confirmed the acquisition of a startup that develops futuristic self-driving vehicles. The purchase allowed Apple to incorporate the existing team member of into its own team and rumors suggest that the test subject and initial product design with other potential assist were bought in by Apple Inc.

The purchase was estimated to be $200 Million although Apple never revealed the actual details. At the same time, Apple appointed leading industry expert Steve Macmanus under the dubious title “Senior Director”. The outside report suggests that he was brought in to head Project Titan.

It’s almost sure that Apple intends to build an autonomous car, but the real question is whether the project is in the infant stage or in a development phase!