It’s ARMY’s Birthday, Check Out BTS’s Surprise For Their Fans!

9th of July marks as the birthday of the global boy band BTS’s fandom. Back in 2013, BTS named their fans as their ARMY, which is an abbreviation for “Adorable Representative MCs for Youth” .

Over the course of years, the fandom has grown exponentially. Together, they all support BTS. The fans come up with many amazing ideas and activities to showcase their love for the boys. From special parks named after a member, donation drives, to informational projects, and more, they are always coming up with unique ideas to do something special in the band’s name.

Starting Friday (U.S. time zones), fans who search for “BTS” on Google Search can unlock a secret Easter egg. On the search results page for BTS (on mobile or desktop), users can click on the purple heart icon that appears next to the BTS header on the upper left-hand side. That will unleash a flurry of purple balloons that you can pop with a click or tap; clicking on the balloons with microphones will reveal special audio messages from the band members themselves.

Check out the tweet here:

The fans are loving the gift and are enjoying listening to their idol’s voices speaking “I Purple You” which is a special word for ARMY and BTS. Since ARMY discovered this, they have been talking about it on social media. They loved the thoughtfulness and thanked BTS for the surprise.

Check out the fan’s reaction: