J-Hope Hosted Jack In The Box Pre-Release Party With Many K-Pop Stars

Looks like the excitement for BTS rapper J-Hope’s upcoming solo album is extremely high and not just among the ARMY but the entire K-Pop industry. The album, Jack in The Box will be out tomorrow, July 15 but the celebration has already begun.  J-Hope hosted a Pre-Release Party for his album tonight, July 14, and we must say, it sure was a star-studded affair as all big names can be found at the event. From Jessi, HyunA, Dawn, Tiger JK, Tasha, Taeyang, PH1, Heize to fellow BTS members, V, RM, Jimin, Jin and Jungkook, all were found at the party.
Check out the tweets:

There are many videos and photos shared by everyone who was at the event. Even J-Hope took to his Instagram account to drop a story, but he obviously refrained from letting out any spoilers. In one video, we can spot member V taking videos of the party where in other clip, all the invitees can be seen grooving to the band’s hit track, Butter.

From there, it seemed like every Korean celebrity was at the event. True to the album’s name, it seems as if J-Hope had a huge box installed for guests to take selfies.

On the other hand, K-Pop queen and former P Nation member, Jessi also took to her personal IG to share pics with Dawn, HyunA, and Heize from the photoshoot at the party.

pre-release party


And while almost the entire K-pop industry is vibing at Hobi’s party, how can BTS miss out! While the members themselves haven’t posted anything, they were spotted in the clips shared by other artists. ARMY was quick to find V, JK, Namjoon, and Jimin there.

Check out the fan reactions:

The atmosphere definitely seemed to be hyped as everyone was mingling and enjoying themselves. It seemed like the perfect place for J-Hope to introduce everyone to his new music but also have some fun with the people closest to him.

Check out these posts by the artists who where in attendance at the pre-release party.