J-hope & Zico Show Their HYBE Family Chemistry On ‘Give Me a Minute’

Zico has started a new show, ‘Give me a minute’, with the Korean title translating to “Just 5 minutes”! On July 29, the YouTube series premiered its first episode, and the guest was none other than BTS’ J-Hope! The episode starts with Zico approaching J-Hope in what appears to be HYBE’s cafeteria and asking the BTS member to give him five minutes of his time.

Check out some of our favourite moments from the video, below:

‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ Nail Art

Towards the beginning, Zico asks J-Hope about nail art, to which the BTS member shares, “I feel like I always got them done when I released a new song.” J-Hope goes on to share that one of his most memorable designs so far, was actually when he got a drawing of a chicken done for ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’. He also talks about how his fellow BTS members SUGA and Jin react in amazement upon seeing his nail art!

Pop Star Life

Zico also asks J-Hope about his style of making music, wondering how he does so despite having a lot of scheduled activities. This leads to J-Hope sharing that in the past he would often be working on music even while overseas. To this, Zico responds “This is the life of a pop star. Taking your equipment overseas.” A true testament to the hard work of the musicians we love and respect!

Musical Instrument 

To J-Hope’s surprise, Zico suddenly brings out a recorder! What unfolds takes us down memory lane, as J-Hope tries his hand at playing the recorder with his nostril, just like he had done once in a livestream all those years back.

Listening Party 

Nearing the end, Zico says, “After this you’re holding a listening session,” referring to the listening party for J-Hope’s recently released solo album ‘Jack In The Box’. J-Hope goes on to talk about the solo album and his individual identity as an artist, before two go off to listen to the album.

Watch the full video, below: