Jackson Wang Premiers Fantastical Visual For ‘Cruel’ Music Video: Watch

Jackson Wang has dealt his next card and it’s another ace. An ashy one. One that takes you deep into his artistic tendencies and presents you with a promising existence of his many sides that are set to get revealed over the next couple of months. ‘Cruel’ was first revealed during his main stage performance at the Coachella music festival, earlier this year.

The GOT7 member and world class soloist has found his fantastical footing, set amidst burning fire, rage and an ice-cold gaze in the new music video for his latest single ‘Cruel’. The all-English track is his showcase of powerful acting that is represented with an urge to keep his emotions in control, all while letting them out relentlessly, blowing it out of proportion. His mud-stricken form takes over in the music video where he perfectly power plays the existence of an inherent musical presence inside the characters around him, playing them and seeking a fiery invasion.

Check out the tweet here:

The music video for “Cruel” dovetails the campy seductive vampire cult-themed visual of his last release “Blow,” which made it to our roundup of “Best Asian Hip Hop And R&B Of 2022 (So Far)” last April. In “Cruel,” Wang seems to be staying true to the fantastical elements and dynamic synchronized choreography numbers he utilized in the video for “Blow.”

Set in what seems like a post-apocalyptic world now in Ruins, Wang performs highly technical choreography while smothered in ash. These teasers, coupled with his recent cryptic tweets of song lyrics, have been hinting at the emotionally complex nature of the artist’s upcoming album.

With fire in his being, he chases the owner of the throne in an intense fight, highlighting Jackson Wang’s flexibility and familiarity with stunts. His greed putting him at a disadvantage at times, the video shows a turn of events that will surely make you praise the direction and revelation of the ‘MAGICMAN’.

Watch the official music video for ‘Cruel’ below.


Along with this, Jackson Wang also revealed that his highly awaited album release for ‘MAGICMAC’ is set for September 9. So far, the album’s singles ‘Blow’ and ‘Cruel’ have been opened to the public that awaits his fabulous artistry.