Jamie Foxx starrer ‘Day Shift’ is now streaming on Netflix, Tap to know more!!

Stunt coordinator and martial artist J.J. Perry’s directorial debut, Day Shift, premiered on Netflix on August 12, 2022. Known for his stunt work on blockbusters like John Wick and F9: The Fate of the Furious, Perry’s vampire action-comedy does set itself apart in the genre, but fails to deliver on the exciting stunts one would have expected from his film.

Leading the cast as protagonist and vampire hunter Bud Jablonski, Jamie Foxx does take the cake to balance the act divided between various genres of action, comedy, satire, horror, and drama. One truly cannot visualize anyone other than Foxx pulling off a feat like this.

But to give credit where it’s due, Dave Franco’s character, Seth, did well to add some refreshing slapstick humor to the film, gelling well with Foxx’s character. Additionally, Snoop Dogg and Karla Souza shined in their brief performances as well, and overall, the cast played to the tone of the film.

The same appreciation cannot be given to the plot though, which remained chaotic and underdeveloped for the most part. For a Friday night mindless movie night, Day Shift does well to entertain viewers, but don’t go in looking for anything extraordinary.