Jasleen Royal sings “Dil ke account se, Paytm karo” for the new Paytm ad!

Jasleen Kaur Royal’s sweet voice sings for a new Paytm ad, her melodious voice adds magic to everyone’s lives.

Jasleen Kaur Royal is an Indian singer. She is a songwriter and composer too. Her music for the Paytm ad is now trending and is getting prominent all over social media. Jasleen Royal was on trending for her song “Nijana” which was a hit. Her voice had been used in the featuring song in many movies. Jasleen sings in Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati and in English too. She won an award for the Best Indie Songs at the MTV Video Music Awards India 2013 for her debut song.

The song she has composed and sang for the Paytm ad is as melodious as any movie song. The founder of Paytm Vijay Shekar Sharma admires Jasleen’s talent and said “We are so lucky that @jasleenroyal keeps adding magic of her voice in our lives ! What a brilliant combo of music, voice and obviously the product” on Twitter.