Jimin Appears On BTOB’s Kiss The Radio For Best Friend Ha Sung Woon

If there’s one set of friends we are really happy to spot each time, it would be BTS member Jimin and soloist Ha Sung Woon. The two have been friends even before BTS’ debut and according to Jimin’s words, Ha Sung Woon was the first friend he made after coming to Seoul from Busan.

The two have constantly supported each other through the various ups and downs of their lives and are often hanging out together. Along with EXO’s Kai, SHINee’s Taemin, VIXX’s Ravi and HOTSHOT‘s Timoteo, the group became a talented set of friends that are known for their friendship. Jimin and Ha Sung Woon along with Hwang Min Hyun recently hung out at a football game and previous instances of their escapades have frequently been mentioned by the two.

So when it was revealed that Jimin would be making a phone call appearance on BTOB’s ‘Kiss the Radio’ program, fans of both the artists were really excited. Broadcast at 10 pm KST (6:30 pm IST), the KBS radio program saw Ha Sung Woon making a call to Jimin as a part of the ‘One Shot Invitation’ corner.

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Talking about their collaboration for the ‘Our Blues’ OST ‘With You’, Ha Sung Woon said that the two found the track really suited their interests when they first heard it. He further revealed that they recorded it separately. As Jimin joined, after brief introductions he mentioned lying down just before the call and listening to music. He added that he meets the other BTS members for group activities.

Jimin then played a quiz where he revealed to have purposely spoken of a wrong answer so Ha Sung Woon’s fans could see him dancing to a cute song, as was the penalty. Jimin further recalled that the two first spoke about working together on a song about 7 years ago.