Jin Proves Again He is WWH at VIP Premiere of Emergency Declaration

BTS’ eldest member Kim Seokjin aka Jin is Mr. World Wide Handsome and he doesn’t need to prove that. But time and again, the singer keeps reminding everyone why he is the rightful holder of the title. The Yours crooner was present at the VIP premiere of the Korean film Emergency Declaration and his cute and adorable looks have broken the internet.

Check out his outfit:

Dressed in sombre colours, Jin’s fashion pick for the occasion may look simple, but would you believe us if we say, it actually costs a whopping Rs 1.5 lakh? And that’s just for the cardigan! Choosing to keep it chic and classy for the occasion, Jin paired a cream cardigan with a blue shirt and black trousers. Not to mention his shiny black shoes that make quite a statement.

Yesterday, Jin took to Instagram to share a video of him practicing tennis. In the video, Jin can be seen dressed in a purple-colored outfit as he practices the game hard. He wrote in Korean, “Tennis newbie.” As expected, social media butterfly J-Hope was the first BTS member to comment on Jin’s post. Hobi wrote, as translated into English, “you are good?”

Recently rumors were doing the rounds about Jin working as an actor. Although no official confirmation has yet been made, it is a recent interview of Emergency Declaration actor Kim Nam Gil that has fuelled the speculations. Actor Jin trended a couple of days back and several fans were sure of the eldest member of the band swooning the audience with his undeniable charm.

It all started when Nam Gil talked about Jin’s talents in an interview with Cosmopolitan. The 42-year-old said that he has worked with Jin. The actor said, “It’s because I am behind the digital age. I can communicate better with my hyungs (elder men) and noonas (elder women). I worked with young people like BTS’ Jin, Cha Eunwoo and Seohyun, but I couldn’t communicate well.” However, it all turned out to be a case of lost in translation. According to AllKpop, Cosmopolitan has since edited the interview, correcting the sentence to, “I’m acquainted with BTS’s Jin.