Jugaadu Kamesh Talks Openly About Being Fooled, Contemplating Suicide in Shark Tank India

Indian entrepreneur Jugadu Kamlesh participated in the inaugural season of Shark Tank India. Peyush Bansal, the CEO, instructed him, and after the show, his narrative shifted. Before appearing on the show, he discussed the ups and downs of his life, including issues with his family and being defrauded.

Shark Tank India’s Jugadu Kamlesh, who became popular after the first season, received training from Peyush Bansal, the organization’s CEO. Kamlesh wrote about how the show affected his journey on his YouTube channel. Before appearing on the show, he discussed the highs and lows in his life.
Kamesh acknowledged in the video that he had dreamed of becoming an army general. However, when he grew older, his passion in performing changed, although he ran into some bad luck in that area. Then Kamesh explained that he travelled to Mumbai to pursue his aspirations but that his family wasn’t behind him. Additionally, they kicked him out of their home the day after he came.