Kangana Ranaut- The diva that never stops at all

Her work is honored by a National award

Kangana Ranaut is one of the brilliant actors in the Bollywood film fraternity. She has been vocal about herself, trying to help out people, and has raised her voice against nepotism and male dominance in the industry. Hailing from the northside of India she has worked sweat and blood to not be a decorative piece in the movie and the hero of her movie.

Her excellence in films has led her to Delhi for a national award ceremony and she will be awarded the same for her film Manikarnika and Panga. Here are some of her works that are to be watched again and again but the heart will not be satisfied.


Rani who hails from Rajouri Garden is a simple girl who wants to have a family like any other woman and live happily as a housewife; doesn’t have many dreams to pursue. Her only dream to get married is shattered when her fiancé cancels the wedding as she is not modern enough. She goes to Paris which happens to her honeymoon and meets a girl Vijaylashmi who works in the hotel and befriends her and she starts seeing life in an altogether different filled with hopes and dreams. Meets some boys in the Amsterdam hostel and has a lot of fun and finally takes her life into her own hands and starts living on her terms.

Tanu weds Manu

Manu Sharma a doctor in London comes to India for getting married and meets Tanu(Tanuja Trivedi) a firecracker who lives on her terms. She offers him to reject him as she is in love with someone else but Manu gets mesmerized by her the day he met her and calls off the wedding. Later they both meet again at their friend’s wedding and slowly the movie goes through twists and turns when Tanu’s boyfriend reveals to be someone Manu knows. It’s a comedy filled with love and masala.


Jaya, a former kabaddi player is leading a simple life with her husband and son. She left her dream to represent India internationally her son who was not well at the time of birth and now works in the ticket counter. She is now encouraged by her son to relive her dream and make a comeback at age of 32. This movie is the motivation for all mothers to revive their dream as it’s never too late.


Based on the life of Rani Lakshmibai, the woman who was alone had a heavy hand on Britishers making the freedom struggle. This movie is a reminder that a woman is capable of everything whether to nurture a child or be the sword of freedom for the country.


This movie had a great impact on Kangana’s life as it was the turning point in her life. She played the life of a supermodel who can’t handle success and failure in life and finds comfort in drugs. This depicts the hard life of models who face the camera and life is a runway.


Kangana’s latest release is based on the life of Tamil Nadu former CM Jayalalitha and how she brought a revolution in politics.