Kangana’s Counter Complaint against Javed Akhtar


Javed Akhtar filed a criminal complaint against Kangana Ranaut in November 2020 before the magistrate for allegedly making defamatory and baseless comments against him in television interviews. She said in an interview that Javed Akhtar threatened her to settle her dispute with actor Hrithik Roshan and she also said that Akhtar runs a suicide gang in bollywood. And now Kangana Ranaut has filed a counter-complaint against lyricist Javed Akhtar in a Mumbai court, alleging “extortion and criminal intimidation”. She has accused Mr Akhtar of threatening her.
They came face-to-face in a courtroom, Kangana was accompanied by CRPF security entourage.
While filing of the counter-complaint Rizwan Siddique, Kangana’s Lawyer, accused Mr. Javed Akhtar of making threatening phone calls; calls in which he said “… you would commit suicide”.
“Now she has recorded this in her complaint… when Javed Akhtar says he had nothing to do with this matter (the subject of the alleged defamation), why did he call Kangana?” Mr. Siddique asked in court.
He also said that he don’t trust the judge, RR Khan, who last week warned Ms Ranaut that failure to appear for today’s hearing could lead to a warrant.
As Kangana didn’t appear on the last hearing, she stayed away because of the Covid symptoms. “Kangana’s health is still not completely fine… but still I told (her) that you come to the court so that it does not feel that we are not coming. Why is the judge repeatedly calling Kangana to the court? Threat to issue warrant was given twice…” said Mr Siddique.
Mr. Siddique, informed the court that Kangana has filed a transfer application before the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court seeking that the case be reassigned to another court. He said that the plea was filed as she has “lost faith” in the court hearing the matter.
Mr Siddique argued that the judge mechanically ordered the enquiry against his client without assigning reasons. On which Justice Revati-Mohite-Dere said that there was no procedural illegality or irregularity in the metropolitan magistrate’s order initiating the proceedings.