Kangana’s Objection on Alia’s new ad


Yesterday only Kangana was in headlines for filing the counter case on Javed Akhtar and today she shared her thoughts on Alia’s new ad.

Alia’s new ad is in association with Mohey, Bridal Lehenga where she’s playing a bride who doesn’t agree with the concept of Kanyadaan in Indian weddings.
Kangana shared her thoughts on instagram and tagged Alia and the brand and said that she believes that the ad is manipulating the consumers using religion to their own benefit. She captioned the post by writing  “Humble request to all brands ….. don’t use religion, minority, majority politics to sell things …. Stop manipulating naive consumer with shrewd divisive concepts and advertising.”  And this is what the actual post says “We often see a Martyr’s father on television when they loose a son on the border they roar don’t worry I have one more son, uska bhi daan main iss dharti Maa ko dunga… Kanyadaan ho ya putradaan (I will give him away for the protection of Mother Earth. Be it giving away one’s daughter or son)… The way a society looks at the concept of (lack of equivalent word in English or Urdu using) renunciation shows it’s core value system… When they start to look down upon the very idea of daan (charity/donation)… Then you know it is time for reestablishment of Ram Rajya…. The king who renounced everything he ever loved only to live the life of a Tapasvi (monk) Please stop mocking Hindus and their rituals…. Dharti (Earth) and woman both are mothers in scriptures they are worshipped as goddesses of fertility…. Nothing wrong in seeing them as precious and very source of existence (shakti).”

In the ad Alia is sitting as a bride in the mandap and telling how she’s loved by her family but also she’s always reminded that she’s paraya dhan who has to leave one to and be at her husband’s house. And she asks if she’s a thing to be donated? Why only Kanyadaan, why not putra daan and the groom’s family also joins in the practice of Kanyadaan, in this case Putradaan.


This is not the first time Kangana has pointed at Alia Bhatt, she calls Alia the puppet of Karan and has criticized her acting a lot of times.