Kapil Sharma takes on Twitter a thank you to fans on his I Am Not Done Yet Netflix debut

Kapil Sharma one of the greatest stand-up comics recently made his OTT debut on Netflix on his segment I’m not done yet. Today he took Twitter to thank his fans for all the love and affection that people show. This segment was a tribute to Kapil’s father who is now no more.

Lots of fans have showered love and affection on this comedian, wishing him good luck, love, and asking him to keep making them laugh. the actor and comedian are seen on his hit show The Kapil Sharma show with lots of fun segments like post ka post-mortem and a fun segment of Chinese whisper. In the Netflix segment of I’m Not Done Yet the comedian jokes about the tweets he sent to the Prime Minister, his struggling days, and his love life. This was a very interesting segment where he also talked about his mental state and his recovery. He shared all his pains with the spectators and came out from his trauma with happiness.

The comedian faced a tough time with the channel and his show being shut but now the actor is back on the ground is ready to pitch it to new levels. He has a huge fan following not only in India but also abroad. Fans from Bangladesh and Afganisthan are also sharing their love for Kapil.

We all are big fans of his art of making people laugh and hope this bond stays as long as we live.