Katy Perry’s eye malfunction sparks controversy – fans claim its a side-effect of the COVID Vaccine

After a video of pop star Katy Perry’s eye weakening on stage during one of her performances at the Las Vegas Resorts World show recently went viral on the internet, her fans expressed worry.

Several rumors and speculations are being spread and people are wondering what might be the cause.

Recently, several high-profile people have come forward to say that they experienced an adverse effect from the coronavirus vaccine. Although Katy Perry has made a point of urging people to be vaccinated, a video from a recent event reveals that half of her face appears frozen. Many people can’t help but wonder if the vaccine is to blame for this.

It could also be a side-effect of using Botox.

A lot of people are claiming it could be similar to how Justin Bieber was suffering from Ramsay Hunt syndrome. Like Bell’s Palsy, Ramsay Hunt syndrome paralysis a side of the face – temporarily or in extreme cases for a long time.

The Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and the mRNA coronavirus vaccination were linked in a study that was released in September 2021 which is a controversy in itself.

However, this may all be just baseless rumors as last year, Katy, who serves on the judge’s panel for American Idol, admitted to a competitor that she has a “wonk eye” during a show. Amblyopia, often known as lazy eye, is a condition of poor eyesight that typically affects only one eye but less frequently both. This could simply be the case as she went on to complete a fantastic show and kept performing after composing herself.