Kfc India, Hyundai India publish their statements after Kashmir issue

Hyundai and KFC are two leading brands in different segments. Hyundai has been an automobile manufacturer and KFC is in the food industry. KFC  is famous for its amazing burgers and Hyundai is known for its amazing cars that give excellent performance.

Hyundai and KFC’s twitter accounts of Pakistan posted a tweet which mentioned the freedom of Kashmir from India. The Indian customers and viewers were furious with these tweets and slammed both brands for this. Indians doubted that these brands were on Pakistan’s side and didn’t respect Indian solidarity. People began tweeting and posting on social media to stop the use of these two brands.

Yesterday Hyundai tweeted saying that they respect nationalism and are in the Indian market since 25 years from now. They also said that Indian is the second home to this brand. Hyundai again posted today that they do not comment on any social, political, or religious issues in any region and said that the unauthorized tweet from the Pakistan owned distributor of Hyundai is strictly against their policies. They said that the distributor has been warned and has deleted all such posts from their account. Hyundai company apologized for their actions and deeply regret it, said the tweet.

KFC also tweeted that they apologize for the inappropriate post made by the Pakistan distributor and they honor and respect Indian, and remain steadfast in their commitment to serve Indian with pride. These apologize calmed the Indian a little and the matter was cooled down.

Here are the tweets: