Khaby Lame asking people “Dimaag lagana hai toh dream 11 pe laga na” in a Dream 11 ad!

Khaby Lame and Viraj Ghelani, collaboration in Dream 11 advertisement.

Khabane Lame aka Khaby Lame is a 21 year popular Tiktoker from Italy. He’s known for his funny and sarcastic videos. In his videos he wordlessly trolls people on the internet who are making simple things complicated.
He’s seen in collaboration with Dream 11 along with Viraj Ghelani, an Indian Content Creator from Borivali. Viraj is popular for his funny videos on YouTube and Instagram.
Dream 11 is an online game where you can create a team of real players for the upcoming matches or tournaments. You earn points based on the performance of your chosen player in the ongoing real-life game.
Advertisements for this app are very interesting and humorous. In this new ad with Khaby Lame, it’s shown that Viraj and his friend are chilling, munching on fries. Viraj’s friend use toothpicks to eat fries and after seeing this Viraj calls Khaby. And ofcourse Khaby in his own way teaches how to eat fries without making it complicated and then shows a board where there is a message saying “Dimaag lagana hai toh dream 11 pe laga na.”

The earlier ad for the app was also loved by people. In the ad our favourite cricketers were asking common people doing their daily chores, “Ye main kar leta hu, tab tak aap Dream-11 pe team banao.”